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Patricia Polacco ☆ 2 Summary Characters ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Patricia Polacco Characters The Keeping uilt We will make a uilt to help us always remember home Anna's mother said It will be like heaving the family in backhome Russia dance around us at night And so it was From a basket of old clothes Anna's babushka Uncle Vladimir's shi. I love this picture book biography about a family and their uiltThe illustrations are wonderful The uilt and its dress and babushka that went into making it are shown in glorious color the rest of the illustrations are done in charcoal It makes for a lovely effectThe story is very moving It starts when the author s great grandmother came to America and how as she outgrew her dress that dress and her headscarf were used along with other family members items were used to make a uilt The story follows this uilt down generations of the family It s used for a variety of things including a huppa at weddings a blanket to welcome new babies a tablecloth for birthday celebrations the making of superhero capes etc It s the story of a family and how it grows and changes with each generation but how the uilt ties them all together

Characters ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Patricia PolaccoThe Keeping uilt

Patricia Polacco ☆ 2 Summary Characters ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Patricia Polacco Characters The Keeping uilt Rt Aunt Havalah's nightdress and an apron of Aunt Natasha's become The Keeping uilt passed along from mother to daughter for almost a century For four generations the uilt is a Sabbath tablecloth a wedding canopy and a blanket th. I first read this book years ago in a multicultural education course I took as an undergrad I was brought to tears in a hot summer classroom full of bored college kids but I was in awe then and reading it now I was brought to tears again Polacco is an incredible storyteller and it is even incredible that her stories are true and from the heart The Keeping uilt was able to bring me to tears as a mother because there is something about sharing a uilt or any object across several generations that warms the soul I was also delighted by Polacco s usage of color Limiting the color to just the uilt was a great strategy otherwise readers could get distracted by all the other lovely people and objects in the illustrations

Patricia Polacco ☆ 2 Summary

Patricia Polacco ☆ 2 Summary Characters ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Patricia Polacco Characters The Keeping uilt At welcomes babies warmly into the world In strongly moving pictures that are as heartwarming as they are real patricia Polacco tells the story of her own family and the uilt that remains a symbol of their enduring love and faith. All right Patricia Polacco you win this round Uh rather like the last one Or the one before that Actually I don t know why I even bother pretending any that I m ready for one of your books as I am inevitably reduced to a sniffling mess when I read them In any case where was I Oh right reviewing The Keeping uiltThis lovely autobiographical picture book narrated in the first person by the author follows the story of Polacco s family through six generations from the time her Great Gramma Anna first arrived in America together with her Russian Jewish family It was soon after that momentous event as Anna began to grow out of the clothing in which she immigrated that the keeping uilt was made put together from Anna s dress and babushka her Uncle Vladmir s shirt her Aunt Havalah s nightdress and her Aunt Natasha s apron With bits and pieces of their old lives all worked together the uilt was a means of remembering where they came from and was used down through the years in family celebrations great and smallA poignant evocation of family tradition and how it binds the generations together even as the society around them changes The Keeping uilt also touches upon some of the classic themes of the immigrant experience in America the longing for the old country the determination not to forget where one comes from and the slow process of change as the years pass I liked the little snapshots of social change offered here through the various weddings first the men and women celebrate separately then together but with no dancing and finally there are even outsiders non Jews at the wedding The artwork is vintage Polacco with a little innovation everything except the uilt is muted giving added significance to this treasured familial artifactHighly recommended to all Patricia Polacco fans as well as to anyone looking for good picture books about family traditions and the immigrant experience

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