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free read Master of Maramba review í eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Margaret Way Margaret Way ´ 3 free read A tough man to reesistNeeding a bolt hole where she can lick her wounds after a car accident has destroyed her budding career Catrina Russell jumps at the chance of a job as governess on a. With a oh so subtle title like MASTER OF MARAMBA add the sound of thunder and several echoes here I thought I was getting one of those non pc vintage crazed alpha mine mine mine HPlandia stories that I relish like a baby does candyBut it became obvious pretty soon that the romance was tepid underdeveloped and abruptly tied up at the ending with most of the resolution happening off pageI just don t understand why you set up a governess situation with a devilish by all accounts child and the very first five minutes of meeting her charge they actually become best friends and the child turns overnight into an angel Even Julie Andrews in that fantastic escapist caper Sound of Music had to overcome a couple of obstacles before getting the kids to thawWhy set up all this drama about heroine s thwarted piano career and then slip gleefully over it with a couple of lines to the effect that the heroine found her love for music again by using piano therapy on her chargeWhy all the family dysfunction drama including a step mom straight out of Disney stock only to leave it unresolvedWhy spend so much time developing the psycho ex who was all but ready to stab the heroine or at least burn the mansion down only to have her run with her tail between her legs at the precise moment where she should have lost her shitToo many threads to this story Too many OW Just too much I think the author grew bored or frustrated with the story and decided to end it abruptly Pretty disappointed with this one and not sure if I want to try this author again although I was pretty excited to read a book set in Australia

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free read Master of Maramba review í eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Margaret Way Margaret Way ´ 3 free read North ueensland cattle stationCarrie wouldn't have been Royce Mcuillan's first choice but there's no denying the empathy between her and his young daughter His own feelings are difficult. A concert pianist heroine whose career is cut short by a tragic accident finds new meaning and love in the Outback as a governess to a disturbed little girl The bitter hero is a cattle king with an adulterous ex wife who shows up every now and then to cause trouble To complicate family matters the hero s uncle s young second wife comes on to him all the time and stays in contact with his ex Rounding out the household is a sympathetic grandma a stern housekeeper and enough flora fauna and colonial Australian history to fill a guidebook The young heroine only 22 handles them all with aplomb She is no Mary Sue but she speaks up for herself at every turn handles the little girl with compassion and intelligence and manages to enjoy the hero s advances without collapsing with nerves or guilt or confusion Her backstory evil stepmother gives her insight into the little girl Her musical training and time in the public eye allowed her to show composure when she need it most The hero is bitter at the right women never the heroine He doesn t fight his attraction to the heroine doesn t mock her for being so beautiful There are some lovely tender moments between the two So why not a higher rating It s really slow getting started like four chapters of slow The meet cute with the car parking in Brisbane goes on for too long The scenes with the evil stepmother never really go anywhere Still the Hh romance is sweet and believable and it s a joy to read about a heroine who has her act together and can straighten everyone else out

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free read Master of Maramba review í eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Margaret Way Margaret Way ´ 3 free read To fathom Having lost his social butterfly wife to the bright city lights how long can he expect the beautiful Carrie to remain contented living an isolated life with the master of Maramba. 4 Stars Carrie needs a uiet place away from the public and her over bearing family to recover her sense of self A car accident broke bones in her hands shattering her dreams of being a concert pianist When Carrie s Uncle mentions a client who is looking for a Governess for his daughter Carrie jumps at it The job means travel to remote area of Australia and the child is known to be a problem child Royce isn t sure why he feels the need to sweep Carrie away from her family but taking her home to be governess to his troubled daughter may well be a mistake Carrie s too young for him And yet the attraction between them grows stronger with each moment spent togetherThis is a wonderful Cinderella story Carrie runs from her evil stepmother and sister into the arms of her dashing Prince Charming Royce plays the reluctant Prince Charming but he soon discovers that Carrie is everything he s been looking for I really enjoyed this one Sweet with some passion A very good readEdited to add 4 Stars I originally read this story in 2006 and I ve enjoyed reading it as much this time as I did then Ms Way s love for the Australian Outback comes through in her wonderful descriptions of it s beauty The setting is as important to this story as the secondary characters are From the first pages Ms Way had me enchanted with the hunky charismatic hero and the lovely feisty heroine these two are so wonderfully suited The child Reggie is adorable though suffering from her mother s rejection The big black moment was rather shocking as it involved the ex wife and Reggie however as in all good Harlies the HEA washed all that pain away

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