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Alone author Lisa Gardner review Î 3 Lisa Gardner ↠ 3 read & download review Alone author Lisa Gardner L anónimo e com uma enorme sede de vingança Têm em comum um único acto de violência mas estão ligados por uma paixão profunda e perigosa e anda à solta um assassino ue não descansará até os ter encurralado até estarem sozinhos e indefeso. BookPage Magazine January 2005 Alone This book is excellent the flow took me by surprise when I compare it to many police movies TV shows that I have seenIn movieTV shows when Policemen come to a crime scene with a abusive threatening husband cornered holding a gun to his wifechild s head If not talked down the police To Serve Protect may have to fight andor shoot the husband In this story Bobby Dodge is a Massachusetts State Sniper Trooper only used in drastic situations using his rifle to scope out situations in crimes not shootingIn this assignment a threatening husband has a gun to his wifeson head cornered by policemen not being talked down When Bobby s called in for backup he uses his rifle to scope out details but when the husband appears ready to shoot Bobby cannot stop himself unexpectedly shoots at the last moment to save the wifechild kills the husband Bobby Dodge has Tremendous psychological pains with his first victim but he really fell into a complex crime with many uestions was the father killed really a set up was it for separation child custody kidnapping andor money plansDet DD Warrens plays a minor role the first book in this seriesIt s always nice reading a book with your home setting Being from Boston you know how well the author knows the streets suburbs as you do less Listopia Best Female CrimeMysteryThriller Writers book 25 as of June 2019

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Alone author Lisa Gardner review Î 3 Lisa Gardner ↠ 3 read & download review Alone author Lisa Gardner E rapto e de abuso sexual O marido acaba de ser morto e o sogro culpa a pela sua morte Um louco sobreviveu à solitária numa prisão de máxima segurança onde cumprira pena pelo mais sádico dos crimes Agora percorre as ruas em liberdade invisíve. Lisa Gardner has crafted a fine psychological thriller in Alone While I found myself immediately immersed in the drama I got about 160 pages in and I still wasn t sure where she was taking me It was that complexBobby Dodge is a Massachusetts State Trooper who is a sniper called in as part of a crisis team to handle a hostage situation in a wealthy Boston neighborhood From a window across the street he sets up his rifle He sees a woman a young boy and a man with a gun As the man s finger tightens on the trigger and his face contorts into an evil smile Bobby has to make an instantaneous decision He does Lives change foreverCatherine Gagnon the widow of the man Bobby shot is incredibly beautiful She is also manipulative and dangerous As a young girl she was kidnapped and sexually molested She was rescued and her abuser was put in prison But she carries some deep scars The story has multiple layers as we learn that Jimmy Gagnon the dead man was the son of a powerful judge who wants to gain custody of Catherine s young son Nathan Judge Gagnon is having murder charges brought against Bobby unless he lies about what happened the night of the shooting And then people begin to dieWho is behind the killings and why Bobby knows he should stay away from Catherine but he also sees her as a woman who needs help Can he really help And can he heal the wounds of his own painful past Did he do the right thing or will doubts plague him the rest of his lifeThis novel is billed as a Detective DD Warren book but we don t meet her until midway through the book and we actually see very little of her in this first of the series so I didn t feel that I got to know her Bobby and Catherine were both well developed characters Messed up but well written Actually there are lots of messed up people in this book Although I was able to predict some of what happened I did not know what motivated the characters at least not all of them and I liked that There were a few minor things editing errors which stuck out Also the puppy is said to lick the child with a rough tongue I know cats have rough tongues dogs do not That would have been a wet sloppy kiss Some of the events seemed rather unbelievable especially the final scene in the hotel That seemed to me like a made for TV scene But for the most part I did not want to turn off the lights and be alone while reading Alone so I think the author did her job in writing a great thrillerI m giving it 4 stars

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Alone author Lisa Gardner review Î 3 Lisa Gardner ↠ 3 read & download review Alone author Lisa Gardner O agente Bobby Dodge assiste pela mira telescópica da sua espingarda a uma cena de violência domésticaum homem armado barricou se com a mulher e o filho e Dodge está prestes a disparar Vinte e cinco anos antes Catherine Rose Gagnon foi vítima d. Massachusetts State Trooper Bobby Dodge is called to a tense domestic disturbance standoff He s the trained sniper on the team and has the husband James Gagnon in his sights Gagnon has a gun to his wife Catherine s head and their young son is in the room When Gagnon makes a threatening move Bobby takes the shot that ends the standoff and Gagnon s life What was an on the job action becomes a nightmare for him when Gagnon s powerful father a judge files criminal charges against Bobby This turned out to be an incredibly thoughtful story as it goes beyond solving a crime While Catherine Gagnon comes under scrutiny as a potential instigator in her husband s death Bobby s struggle to come to terms with his ending a man s life based on a judgment call was fascinating I ve often wondered how sanctioned snipers dealt with the job and this story provides deep insights There are many other angles to the situation including Catherine s tragic history as the man responsible for it is suddenly paroled and she becomes a target The clues are all there but the resolutions still surprised me in the end Also D D Warren appears about midway through the story so be advised that her focus in the series really begins beyond this book Bobby is the primary narrator and I really liked and admired him flaws and all I listened to the story and while Anna Fields is a skilled narrator it would have been a stronger performance with a male narrator She s a wonderful storyteller but her voice for Bobby wasn t the best However I really enjoyed this opener and am excited about continuing the series