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  • Paperback
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  • House of Exile
  • Evelyn Juers
  • English
  • 16 May 2017
  • 9781920882440
House of Exile

Read & Download House of Exile Evelyn Juers ´ 5 Free download House of Exile Free download À 105 In great despair Los Angeles There Nelly committed suicide in 1944 and Heinrich dies in 1950 Prior to their death they formed a uniue cliue of friends in exile. Well researched Constructed in a most unusual manner with disparate passages long list of the names of European refugees dairy entries and long tracts of the thoughts of Virginia Wolfe The writing style whilst interesting does not engage the reader in a connection with the characters Its a bit like reading a very long list Good to have been the beneficiary of such extensive research and as a result to learn about the build up of the second world war from the German intellectual point of view Also to understand the great movement of people through and away from Europe and what it was like for the displaced around the world

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Read & Download House of Exile Evelyn Juers ´ 5 Free download House of Exile Free download À 105 Crossing paths with the likes of Joyce Brecht Kafka Schwitters and Woolf House of Exile is a uniue work pioneering a new literary form the collective biograph. An unusual biography as it follows the lives of two literary brothers Heinrich and Thomas Mann The former I have never heard of But many years ago I can remember ploughing through a copy of Thomas s Magic Mountain There are a number of subsidiary characters including Virginia Woolf and Lion Feuchtwangler That name meant something as I can remember that as an adolescent a translation of his Jue Suss sat on the shelves of my local library I did wonder what it was all about but never borrowed it to find out Nor did anyone else it seemed as I recollect it stood for many years unmoving There are many other characters as the book deals in the main with the response by the Mann brothers and many of their friends to the rise of Hitler and Nazism Heinrich lived in France until about 1940 while Thomas was in the USA and was eventually granted citizenship Heinrich and others crossed the Pyrenees on foot when Vichy France started handing over wanted individuals to the Gestapo By that time Heinrich was in his 60s and the crossing was an ordeal in itself Eventually he escaped to the USA together with his much younger wife Nelly Kroeger Things were not easy in the USA for emigres from fascism Heinrich was under constant surveillance by the FBI because of his left wing views The book is a fascinating view on the lives of those escaping Hitler much of which I was unaware of There are distressing passages when we read that one friend and another had been killed in concentration camps Much of the book reads like a diary with short sometimes unconnected sentences and hopping from character to character Sometimes it is difficult for a non German speaker to remember all the names but do not let that put you off

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Read & Download House of Exile Evelyn Juers ´ 5 Free download House of Exile Free download À 105 In 1933 the prominent author and political activist Heinrich Mann and his partner Nelly Kroeger were forced to flee Germany finding refuge in France and later. I received a copy of this book through First Reads and I was excited to get my hands on it as the description sounded so interesting Sadly the book doesn t live up to its promise It claims to be biography but if it is it s biography seen through a kaleidoscope dimly The author describes it as a collective biography set in an age of fragmentation and flux If her intent was to convey that sense of fragmentation and flux she certainly achieved that much The book is a series of disjointed impressionistic vignettes not all of which seem to share any apparent connection There are literary uotes sprinkled in between anecdotes imaginings that may be lyrical and vivid but certainly aren t what is normally understood as biography I spent much of the book a bit confused as to what exactly was going on and when The inexplicable story of Solander early on before Carla s suicide is a good example Nominally connected to a skull Mann s sister carries with her it rambles on for several pages for no apparent reason Things got a little concrete and chronological after the first third or so of the book but not enough to make it an enjoyable read and certainly not enough for me to feel I learned much about Heinrich Mann or his unfortunate wife The words imagine and perhaps and let s say that s how it was are sprinkled liberally throughout not something I m used to seeing in such uantity in something that purports to be biography In the end I m not even sure what to call it fiction or non fiction novel or biography I feel like it s a muddle of all of the above and the only thing I can say with certainty is that I read it