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  • Uncle Peter's Amazing Chinese Wedding
  • Lenore Look
  • English
  • 15 November 2017
  • 9780689844584

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FREE READ ä Uncle Peter's Amazing Chinese Wedding Pening he won't get married at all Mischievous kids will love following Lenore Look and Yumi Heo's feisty heroine from Henry's First Moon Birthday in this charming story that also illuminates the many traditions of the Chinese wedding This story is about a little girl named Jenny who attends her Uncle Peter s wedding Jenny and Uncle Peter are very close when he decides to get married Jenny feels left out She is used to her uncle spending a lot of time together and now his attention is on his new wifeI liked this book I think that all kids would like this book and feel like they can relate to this book This book tells you about a lot of traditions in the Chinese culture I would recommend this book for K 4 I think that the lessons in this book would reach a wider audience but the book seems to be designed for a younger audience

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FREE READ ä Uncle Peter's Amazing Chinese Wedding K money called hungbau helping the bride with her many dresses Jenny is crying on the inside How is she supposed to still be Uncle Peter's number one girl with her new aunt Stella around Maybe if she can stop the day's events from hap I m his special girl Just me I am the jelly on his toast and the leaves in his tea Now I am an umbrella turned inside out I sueeze back my tearsThis is a wonderful book that tells of a special relationship between a young girl and her uncle Peter who is getting married and everyone is happy except Jenny The author weaves her story through the ins and outs of all of the traditions of a Chinese wedding First their are stories of the groom the presents from the bride s family old Chinese traditions and how they have changed over the years how the groom must bargain for the bride and finally the bride appears in her traditional Chinese gown Family pictures are taken homage is paid to the ancient grandparents and then comes the tea ceremony where Jenny tries to sabotage it by getting rid of the tea all because she is feeling left out Read this beautifully told story and find out how Jenny learns to accept uncle Peter s new wife and all fit together like a familyThis is a great picture book for 2nd and 3rd graders alike Their are illustrations and symbols of traditional Chinese culture with rich colors of red yellow blue and greens The characters are drawn and wearing authentic Chinese clothing and you get the feeling of the multi generational family that has arrived to celebrate this beautiful weddingFor the classroom you could have students compare and contrast this Chinese wedding to other weddings they have been to You could also compare this picture book to the movie Ramona and Beezus where Beezus has a special relationship with her aunt and feels like she too is being left out of her aunt s life when she rekindles an old high school relationship and decides to get married This is a fantastic book that also helps you learn about other cultures and wedding traditions


FREE READ ä Uncle Peter's Amazing Chinese Wedding Jenny's favorite uncle Peter is getting married and everyone is happy happy everyone that is except Jenny While her family runs about getting ready for the traditional Chinese wedding preparing for the tea ceremony exchanging good luc Uncle Peter the coolest dude and a girl s best buddy is getting married and everyone is happy about it except Jenny Why should she be happy After all she was always Uncle Peter s special girl until Stella came along So instead of a Saturday movie like always it is Uncle Peter s traditional Chinese wedding dayAs everyone looks at the traditional good luck presents from the bride s family Jenny looks on with a sad face and as the children accompany Peter for good luck when he goes to pick up his bride Jenny is suished in the car and unhappy After finally offering enough tokens to her family to show how much he loves their daughter beautiful Stella comes down in her good luck red wedding dress with the good luck dragons and phoenixes on it Everyone is smiling and laughing during family picture time except you know who When it is time for the traditional tea ceremony that little green monster Jealousy rears its head and Jenny decides to sabotage the tea Finally it takes a wise mother to uell all the sadness in Jenny s heart over losing her best uncle Which is good since Uncle Peter and new Aunt Stella s wedding day is far from over and there is a lot fun to be hadI loved reading Uncle Peter s Amazing Chinese Wedding First of all it is a wonderful read aloud that will most likely generated lots of discussion Secondly Look deals very nicely with the feelings of jealousy a child might easily have when a favorite relative and that would include one parent or the other gets married At the same time she cleverly uses Jenny s jealousy issues for introducing the reader to all the traditions surrounding a Chinese wedding And it all works and the result is a really delightful story narrated by Jenny herselfAnd you might think that Jenny did the charming oil pencil and collage illustrations which are really skillfully done by artist Yumi Heo to make them look like Jenny s perspective on thingsI loved the way each tradition was explained to make it easy for young and older readers unfamiliar with Chinese wedding traditions to understand and to appreciate their meanings I knew I had to read this book as soon as I saw it After all my Kiddo just got engaged to her longtime boyfriend and will be having her own a traditional Chinese wedding in the near future and that is something new to us Both my Kiddo and her Peng Peng were born in the Year of the Dragon 1988 and that made his mother very excited lots of luck there And I knew about Hungbau lucky money put into a red envelope because we had exchanged this year for Chinese New Year But there was much that was new to me here and much that I am looking forward to And that is the benefit of multicultural books they teach you something new about different people and make you want to see do andor know This book is recommended for readers age 4This book was borrowed from the NYPLThis review was originally posted at Randomly Reading