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One Of Those Days review à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook When his high school bully captain of the football team and meathead extraordinaire Ric Saunders shows up for an appointment at the chiropractic clinic where Alex works Things go from bad to worse in. One of those days No it never was going to be an ordinary day What started off as a nightmare turned into a day etched forever into my memory Aww why d you have to go and only be 26 pages longI m going to keep this short and to the point much like this novellaRic and Alex cracked me up They were adorable and Alex s uirky inner dialogue had me laughing constantly Who would have thought I would ever enjoy inner ramblings Bad boy doctor who turned from an ugly duckling into a swan does handsome straight football captain who turns gay at the mere sight of his irresistible chiropractor

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One Of Those Days review à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook A comedy of errors that leaves Alex's head spinning Has Ric turned into a crazed stalker ready to pick up the bullying where he left off eight years before Or has Ric got something else in mind this ti. This was really funny short from Mr Priest and has made me buy even of his booksAlex was having one of those days when nothing was going right His alarm went off an hour early the dog ate last of cereal the cat decides to jump into fish tank no clean laundry flat tyre on caryou get the picture Then he gets to work at Bell s Chiropractics a partnership with his father and discovers that the usual receptionist is missing and has been replaced by Janet who is extremely hormonal and would freeze anyone s dangly bits off at 10metres But the absolute coup de grace is discovering that the person who made his life a living hell at school Ric Saunders is his first customer of the dayMuch as he wishes to tell Mr Saunders exactly where to go he deals with his patient professionally lots of funny things happen whilst the treatment is being dispensed and although he recognises his bully from school the bully doesn t recognise Alex until he hears Alex s name at the very end of the session Needless to say Alex has no intention of treating Mr Saunders again and goes to pieces at the practice Janet being on hand to actually dispense a little sympathyRic then starts to stalk Alex or so Alex thinks in the hope of apologising for his previous disgraceful behaviour at school and to ask Alex out as surprise surprise the reason he was so nasty to Alex at school was that he was gay and didn t want anyone to know so it was alright for everyone to pick on Alex as long as they left him alone Surprisingly Alex accepts the apology and from then on the two of them start a relationship which hopefully will lead to bigger and better things Yay I do love Happy Endings

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One Of Those Days review à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Note This is a first free edition of the story that is no longer availableWhen Alex wakes up one morning and everything starts to go wrong he knows it’s going to be one of those days Things get worse. Zathyn Priest has become of my favorite authors In my opinion his writing is very uniue He is either making me laugh with his interesting dialog and loveable characters like in The Curtis Reincarnation or scaring the hell out of me in The Slayers Apprentice Either way I love his work and I look forward to reading by himOne Of These Days is a very short novel It takes place in the space of one day and is told in first person through Alex s point of view It is a lighthearted story telling the beginnings of a budding romance between Alexander Bell and Richard SaundersAlex is a successful chiropractor who is having the day from hell He locked his keys in the house was stuck in heavy traffic his receptionist called in sick his dog ate his cereal and this is all before nine o clock It even gets worse when he notices Richard Saunders who was his childhood tormentor and bully in the lobby as his next patient Richard was horrible to Alex Alex was overweight and outspoken about his homosexuality and Richard made sure every day of Alex s high school years was a living hell Times have changed Alex is no longer the overweight and uiet nerd he once was But seeing Richard brings back all the bad memories and he once again feels like that insecure unhappy teenager he once was Alex is tempted to cancel his appointment but being the professional that he is he decides to bite the bullet and see if he can help Richard outRichard is not the boy he once was As the popular high school jock he had to keep his homosexuality in the closet When he saw Alex who was able to be open about who he was his resentment and fear of being discovered made him torment the boy he really wanted to be friends with He has been remorseful of his behavior toward Alex and to try to make up for it became a counselor to help gay teens become accepted in school and elsewhereWhen Richard finally recognizes Alex he immediately does what he can to make up for all of the hurt and shame he once caused him Now grown up Richard hopes to prove to Alex he is a changed man and in the process gain Alex s forgiveness too The Richard and Alex are around one another the sparks fly Neither can deny the chemistry and attraction they have for one another but unless Alex does not forgive Richard their budding relationship will never surviveThis book is about forgiveness I thought both Alex and Richard were very well developed characters despite how short the novel was This book has Zathyn s humor as well as his snappy dialog that is one of his trademarksI loved it So cute and sweet and perfect for a uick and easy readI saved the very best for lastthis book is FREE Yep FREE Just go to download it Also his live journal is awesome He seems like a very interesting man much like the characters he writes about Check it out at

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