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David Kirk ☆ 3 characters review Miss Spider's Wedding Miss Spider 103 New from the bestselling author of Miss Spider's Tea Party Miss Spider is spinning with joy She's I have read this book so many times it is ingrained in my brain From the moment it was published it was an absolute favorite amongst all the kids I have had the privileged to take care of and help raise It will always be a favorite

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Miss Spider's Wedding Miss Spider

David Kirk ☆ 3 characters review Miss Spider's Wedding Miss Spider 103 Dashing enough and set out to find her a new mate Full color illustrations Fabulous art Booklist This fictional book is great for students who have an interest in spiders andor insects It could also help some students who may have an aversion to insects by showing them that they are not always creepy This book is very wordy and the vocabulary is definitely for older students so it would not be recommended that this book be given to emergent or early readers

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David Kirk ☆ 3 characters review Miss Spider's Wedding Miss Spider 103 Just met a wonderful spider man who may be her Mr Right Her well meaning friends decide he's not I have to smile or laugh a little bit reading other reviews of this book many have said it s not a children s book that it is suggestive It may be like some of the children s movies out there that contain adult humor that the kids don t get To me this book is very sweet and has a great message about real love and the value of a person being in who they are and not in their charm and looksThe book has wonderful colorful illustrations they are bright and fill each pageThe book is written in rhyming verse and is very cleverWe own this book and have loved it for years I think I originally picked it up at a garage sale several years ago I love this verse in the dedication which is the same style as the entire book Perhaps perfection seems too bold A word here to apply For once love penetrates the heart It spreads to cloud the eye Still we in blindness take a chance And gladly join in Cupid s dance For every joyful heart has shown Perfection dwells in love aloneAnd I like these parts tooCan any have the slightest doubt Chirps Holley with a smileThe fairest creature in the world Is walking down the aisleTo be my own beloved bride My joy and comfort hope and prideI feel my life has just begun Now she and I will be as oneThen Oh see how handsome Holley looks Miss Spider sings with glee Of all the spiders in the world He chose to be with meWe ve found the place where love abides And share the warmth that it provides For all those who have found the way To savor life s most sweet bouuetAnd last of all How can we fully recognize The beauty seen through true love s eyes

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