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Read Ø PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Å Robyn Donald Robyn Donald Å 5 characters Return To Yesterday Summary ☆ 5 Can to get you into my bedBut she was determined not to surrender her heart to a man however persuasive and irresistible who would never be satisfied with merely one wom. When I started reading this book I thought the hero was a jackass and by the the time I finished yeah he was still a jackass

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Read Ø PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Å Robyn Donald Robyn Donald Å 5 characters Return To Yesterday Summary ☆ 5 N AustraliaNow forced to return to Conal for a favor she was surprised to discover he wanted her back All's fair in love and war he said This is both I'll use any trick I. Catlin wants to buy a bookshop but the only way she can get the funds released from her inheritance is go home to Auckland and face Conal the husband she hasn t seen for than 6 years It s going to be brutalCatlin was 17 when she married Conal shortly after her father s death left her an orphan with a farm and no one else to turn to He took her to the city where his mother pointed out that Catlin in no way measured up to Conal s first wife who died only a very short time ago Conal has a little girl and his mother is parenting her Conal s friends all make Catlin feel like a big stupid hick and Conal doesn t help much he s cold and mean and angry all the time Then Catlin starts hearing whispers that Conal has a mistress It s confirmed when she finds them in bed together in Conal s beach house When Conal returns home Catlin throws the truth of his infidelity at him There s a huge argument and Catlin leaves She makes her way to Sydney goes to university and gets an accounting degree goes to modelling school to learn poise learns how to sail how to cook dress do her hair the whole deal as a big f u to the man who made her feel so awful about herself All of this Catlin covers in an exposition heavy explanation to her roommate in Sydney before she sets off for AucklandOn the plane ride over she exposits the final chapter After the argument before she left Conal raped herI think the most positive thing I can say about this book is that it does take a step in the direction of acknowledging that rape happens in marriages And Conal apologises And Donald writes these wonderful Punk Cinderella heroines They suffer social humiliation are often treated with indifference or as sacrifices by their family and always pull through without any emotional support or protection from their heroes They have backbones of steel and have satisfying scenes where they prove their alpha female selves and make all those stinking rotten nasties who mocked and sneered and poked at them in the past retreat in the face of their shining awesomenessAnd then Donald gives you a good perspective on what motivated some of her flawed secondaries to be so awful and better relationships are tentatively formedIt s all very satisfying and wonderful and it s why I read these type of romances with a great deal of enjoyment but it has some awfully problematic elementsCatlin was infatuated with Conal as a teenager and while she starts out the book happy and successful the plot is all about breaking her down again She s still infatuated with Conal in love with him in fact Her big emotional conflict is what will happen to her if she stays and if he cheats I can t really be bothered much with Conal he s your basic plastic action figure He s a handsome entitled wealthy male he barks orders gets grabby and his bitchy sniping is all said silkily Catlin s his property etc etc There s no attempt to really drill into what has made him an abuser but then it s not really about him is itCatlin thinks that he can t love again because he lost his first wife the love of his life so young Conal is 26 when he marries Catlin He tells Catlin he wouldn t have been so angry if she hadn t been so scaredcold around him He does tack on a small I blame myself but blah blah manipulators always know to throw one of those in occasionally so their you made me this way will still mostly sound authentic It works so wellHe doesn t matter because it s all about Catlin But who she s become what she s made of herself is nothing compared to her emotions and her desires and Donald spells all of that out and it made me so frustrated AGAIN with romance and this love is important than YOU message Can t we just stick to sniping at bitches and balancing it out by finding the good in some of the secondariesWorse though is how Catlin s You raped me statement transforms at the end of the book to Catlin and Conal both agreeing it started out as rape with the implication that this doesn t matter because during the rape they both forgot and it became consensual and that the biggest problem in the end was that Catlin found sex the first time painful While Donald wasn t necessarily walking back on the encounter being rape she s still telling a story about abuse being a journey with a happy ending rather than a cycle where if there s an ending it s likely to be violent It s a dangerous fantasyDonald sets up Catlin as an abuse survivor someone who got away who didn t let Conal s emotional abuse and then the rape beat her down He s financially abusing her at the beginning of the book holding what she believes to be her rightful inheritance money to ransom to force her to do his bidding This plot has its wish fulfilment elements with Catlin staring down those who were cruel to her in the past and that s great in theory She learns that for the most part people are willing to accept her now that she s ready to state her boundaries Catlin is a kind generous person and will she has her alpha bitch win moments she has empathy and comes off as likeableAnd if that were all ok But it s also about Catlin undertaking further trials to prove herself to be strong and her prize is her abuser transforming into a loving faithful husband the end close the book forget that this isn t the way abuse worksAnd I know I m looking at this book with 2018 eyes with information than I had when I first started reading Donald 20 years ago when the owner of the 2nd hand bookshop where I worked recommended her I can t remember if I read this one but I know my reaction then would have been the same Which is that Catlin would have a better life going after her bookshop dream in Sydney than taking up with Conal It s one thing to forgive him It s another thing altogether to think their strong emotional connection and physical attraction will make everything okAnd If you re here considering reading a book that will take a bit of effort to track down because you like a vintage and Punk Cinderella in an angsty uest for some social vengeance is your jam Donald delivers She also lovingly delivers her beautiful and uniue New Zealand She s worth taking the uncomfortable wrong headed crap that will keep coming back to you long after you ve finished the book I m still hunting down something of hers I read 20 years ago and want to find all I ve got to go on is a jezebel heroine a nasty family an OW relative maybe a bank loan and definitely a storm almost destroying a Bach in the Coromandel area and the feeling I m probably vaguely mixing a couple of books and maybe it was Susan Napier rather than Robyn Donald anyway If ever I find it I m going to be so happy but I ll absolutely HATE it at the same time I think Donald s great and I m comfortable enough both liking and hating her plots mostly ignoring her heroes ranting but still reading and wondering just what was going on in her head most of the time

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Read Ø PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Å Robyn Donald Robyn Donald Å 5 characters Return To Yesterday Summary ☆ 5 She never wanted a reconciliationSix years ago Catlin Loring had stumbled on her husband in bed with another woman Shattered she'd fled New Zealand and begun a new life i. I like this because this is one of the earliest example s in HPlandia of how to make a cheating H workNo one likes infidelity and there is a distinct preference not to have that in a romance Yet well done infidelity can take an average book from okay to best thing ever and really provide that happy warm glow and HEA believability I read romance forWhat RD knows and what the best HP writers will come to find out is that if you are going to have a cheating H but provide a convincing HEA a few things need to happen1 The h and H should not be involved in any intimacy HP infidelity is a whole lot easier to tolerate if the H and h are living apart or in separate wings of the house In RTY the H does rape the h when she is only 17 This in no way detracts from the story This h needed the impetus to get on with her personal growth and frankly in the time this was written many readers may not have defined it as rape the H and h were married2 If infidelity is discovered and in this one the h finds out in the most brutal way possible the h has to leave do not pass go do not collect 20000 just walk out and stay out for YEARS Both the H h and the reader need that distance so that the H has time to learn to modify the cheating behavior and the h has time to grow a spine cause she is going to need oneBut the MOST IMPORTANT thing an HP writer needs to convey is number 3 The H has to be brutally honest that he is going to see other woman and he doesn t give a damn about what the h thinks of that That is HARSH I know but it is also necessary because when the H is honest like that it changes the plot from furtive sneaking around and being a slime slurper to the H who is an honest but highly arrogant asshat who is going to do what he wants and who cares what anyone else thinks even the h cause he isn t screwing her anyways An HP HEA needs that kind of arrogantly open H because that characterization then provides the basis for the believability of the HEA when the H of the type tells the h he loves her and will love her forever he means it therefore the h and the reader can have full confidence that H has redeemed his ways cause he is just too brutally honest to lie about itLessor HP author s will not understand this all important difference and thus will never reach the highest heights of HPLandia or give the satisfaction that one well written and plotted trainwreck of an HP with a cheatingrapist H can provide for DECADES