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Claiming His Wedding Night summary ´ 9 You owe me a honeymoon Addie Farrell's marriage to casino magnate Malachi King lasted exactly one day until she discovered their love was a sham Now with funding for her children's charity. Casino magnate Malachi King was left dumbfounded when Addie Farrell up and left him on the day they got married He didn t chase after her and 5 years later he is surprised to hear from herAddie never wanted to speak to Malachi again but when she receives a letter from him saying his company is removing the funding they pay every year to help fund a charity music school that Addie runs for underprivileged children she has no choice but to ring him to make him explain himselfSpeaking to him again brings back all her feelings for him and how much he hurt her Not realising how hurt she was or why Malachi decides that he wants to finally have a wedding night with her he decides to make her an offer she can t refuse If she spends 4 weeks with him on a Carribean island he will happily not only reinstate the funding but start off with a large lump sum to keep the school going strong Can Addie agree to his proposition and if she says yes will her heart remain intactWhat I loved so much about this story apart of course from the romance between our couple not to mention the passionate intimacy between them is seeing how the other half live Talk about opulent surroundings and being able to afford anything you want whenever you want it Money might not bring happiness but it sure can help make things easier

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Claiming His Wedding Night summary ´ 9 About to be cut Addie must face her husband and their dangerously seductive chemistry once again Humiliated and frustrated after Addie's sudden departure Malachi seizes the chance to put th. Full disclosure I couldn t read this entire book I ended up skimming in search of anything that would help me find out why these two were still married what had actually happened in the past and whether they belonged togetherShe was immature acted irrationally at times ran away instead of dealing with anything was a complete doormat and embarrassingly willing to have sex with him after a five year silent estrangement and her so called broken heartHe manipulated her constantly Wound her up to push her away the sexual manipulation was gross Spoke down to her regularly Belittled her privately and in front of others Dangled funding for her charity as blackmail and then attached strings and called her a gold diggerHe was passive aggressive for 215 pages In the final page he said he loved her wanted her to forgive him for treating her badly one sentence stated he wanted another chance and apparently like magic all of his crap rudeness game playing indecision and a 5 year silence were all forgiven She was such a doormatAgain I was too bored to read every word but while she was celibate after their wedding I d say from his thoughts that he cheated on her without guilt He certainly datedOn the bright side this book made me realize I need to let go of books that shouldn t be saved

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Claiming His Wedding Night summary ´ 9 E power back where it belongs in his hands The deal Malachi will give her the money she desperately needs if she returns to his side and finally he will claim his long awaited wedding night. Addie found out she really didn t know the the man she married after 1 day Left and no contact for 5 years Then receives a letter that funding is being cut off for the Children s Charity so contacts him To get the funds back is Addie willing to pay the price he ask

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