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Janet Evanovich Ô 4 Download Free download ´ Tricky Twenty Two Hunter but she knows when she's being played Ken Globovic aka Gobbles unofficial student leader has been arrested for beating up the dean of students at Kiltman College Gobbles has missed his court date and gone into hiding People have seen him on campus but no one will talk Things just aren't adding up and Stephanie can't shake the feeling that something funny is going on at the collegeAs. HURRAY When the first three pages cracked me up right off the bat I was happy as pie and when the laughs continued well let s just say TRICKY TWENTY TWO is one of the better Stephanie Plum novels I ve read in uite some timeYes our bounty hunter still trashes a few of Ranger s fancy cars Yes Grandma Mazur still attends her visitations and Yes Lula is still her usual spandex eating machine self BUT I had many laugh out loud moments in TRICKY TWENTY TWO than the last three books combined Even Mrs P gets in a good oneSo get ready for laughs some red hot encounters plus a shocker of a surprise from Morelli and of course the usual duked out in black Ranger appearancesWill Stephanie ever choose between the two hunks Who knowsbut I did like the way the story concluded in this onehinthinthint 35 Stars with a r

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Tricky Twenty Two

Janet Evanovich Ô 4 Download Free download ´ Tricky Twenty Two The New York Times No 1 bestsellerRaves for Janet Evanovich's novels 'Stephanie Plum in ass kicking formutterly delightful' Cosmopolitan; 'A laugh out loud page turner' Heat; 'Plum is not just a smart private eye but a heroine with a sense of humour' Daily MailSomething big is brewing in Trenton New Jersey and it could blow at any minuteStephanie Plum might not be the world's greatest bounty. Poor Stephanie Her life has gotten so complicated that she s considering changing professions Her FTA S aren t coming along uietly she keeps forgetting to buy bullets for her gun she still can t keep a car intact for any period of time she s getting pranked by the college fraternity from hell and something is up with Morelli His post coital suggestion that they break up and that Steph should see other people just not Ranger has totally thrown her for a loop But Stephanie isn t short on suitors Grandma Mazur has been catfishing and she s used Steph s picture and personal info as bait Adding to the migraine of her life is a series of murders linked to the frat from hell and a mad scientist with weaponized fleas What s a girl to do Maybe become a hairdresserFun fast paced and utterly satisfying this installme

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Janet Evanovich Ô 4 Download Free download ´ Tricky Twenty Two Much as people love Gobbles they hate Doug Linken When Linken is gunned down in his backyard the list of possible murder suspects is long The only people who care about finding Linken's killer are Trenton cop Joe Morelli who has been assigned the case security expert Ranger who was hired to protect Linken and Stephanie who has her eye on a cash prize and hopefully has some tricks up her slee. Find all of my reviews at StarsObviously anyone who has already subjected themselves to TWENTY ONE prior books in this series has a serious mental disorder In my defense I thought I was over my addiction I mean Evanovich is up to like 24 and I had stopped at 21 when NetGalley uit offering ARCs so that was good right But then the dang stinking library challenge had this series offered up as one of the options for a contemporary mystery and I could not resist Janet s siren song If you want to have any chance of enjoying all eleven trillion Stephanie Plums stories you have to constantly remind yourself of a couple things1 Even though these books have been going on for 20 years in Plum land it s only been a couple 2 Stephanie is DTF with either Morelli or Ranger depending on the book 3 Stephanie has not DT

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