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SUMMARY » uestors by Joan Lennon FREE DOWNLOAD uestors by Joan Lennon That to fail would mean unthinkable disaster It's a pity then that someone is determined to stop them From the icebound city of the dragons to the magical kitchen of The London House Joan Lennon has crafter a highly inventive story that is fast paced fantastical and fun. In the universe in which Madlen Bryn and Cam live there are not one but three very different worlds and they each live in a different one Madlen lives in Trentor Bryn lives in Kir and Cam lives in Dalrodia One day progresses normally for all three of them until each kid is pulled out of school and taken to what is called The London House they ve never heard of it before and are told that they are related What And barely before they have had a chance to digest this information they are told that there has been a disruption in the Space Time Continuum and that they must restore the balance WhatIt comes down to this The Council Members the people in charge had a plan to create one hero from each world and when the three of them became old enough send them on a uest to find the Objects of Power from each world in order to restore the balance With little than a good luck from everyone else the newly acuainted siblings are off on their uest to the three worldsOf the three worlds they visit Madlen s Trentor is probably the most similar to Earth although there are some very different aspects Bryn has dragons in his Kir in fact the dragons have their own civilization and view humans as inferior And in Cam s Dalrodia the people in charge base every decision on what they dream at nightuestors is a good book full of cool ideas about different worlds and time travelnot to mention adventure as the kids try to survive while finding the uest items The world of Kir was my favorite because of the dragon civilization Readers will find themselves rooting for Madlen Bryn and Cam as they fight their way past enemies over worlds and through time while they try to find the three items that will restore the balance and save the universe

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SUMMARY » uestors by Joan Lennon FREE DOWNLOAD uestors by Joan Lennon Three worlds held in perfect balance Nothing can change that Well nothing except a cataclysmic disruption in the Space Time Continuum Luckily the people in charge have a plan Create three perfect Heroes the best of each world and send them on a uest to find the Objects o. While there were some nice ideas in this novel they were difficult to find beneath its rushed and undeveloped plot The uestors visit each of the three worlds in turn spending less than seventy pages in each Perhaps if each of these worlds had been fleshed out into a story in its own right the book would have held my interest but instead it felt as though the author was just rushing through them at a breakneck pace stopping by so briefly that she did not have time to expand on her rather basic ideasThe early chapters of the novel were similarly weak Lennon gave no impression of what the children and their respective worlds were like before they were rounded up and pushed off on their uest The Prelates did not even take the time to adeuately explain what was expected them leaving the reader as in the dark as the uestors as to what their mission entailedCharacters in the story were also very flat and undeveloped None of the uestors received any real character growth despite a major plot point being how they had all been corrupted by the villain Only Bryn noticeably showed any traits that set him apart from his ultra masculine race as he liked to draw which is apparently effeminate Neither Cam nor Madlen showed any uniue characteristics beyond the fact that Madlen was a bit uptight and obsessed with rules while Cam was well an itThis gender neutral pronoun irked me most of all It just sounds like an insult every time its uttered like Cam is just an object Surely the author could have come up with her own term or used one of the ones out there that are actually accepted by gender neutral individuals Surely no one would choose to be called an itFinally there was the villain referred to for most of the story as the Preceptor I m not going to spoil anything for you here but let s just say that their climatic moment was a bit of a let down There was not a single hint within the story as to what the Preceptor s true identity was and their motivation for destroying the entire Universe was virtually non existent I love a strong villain but unfortunately uestors was unable to deliverAll in all this novel was a big disappointment I don t know how the rest of the author s work compares to this one but it didn t really make me keen to read any

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SUMMARY » uestors by Joan Lennon FREE DOWNLOAD uestors by Joan Lennon F Power that will restore the balance But things go wrong when the Heroes are needed ten years earlier than expected and three confused kids set off to save the worlds Madlen Bryn and Cam have no idea what they're looking for or where they'll find it What they do know is. I love Mrs Macmahonney The overall story was solid although the characters were a bit flat and the world building could have used a bit background but for a middle grade novel this was uite good

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