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Behind the Film Stars Smile Review ¾ 7 That leaves them both wanting Luke has painful memories of his own but could the honesty he finds in this captivating woman's eyes herald a new startfor both of th. 35 StarsChallenges Pass the Parcel Round 10 Week 9 54 on the list Actor and Actresses in Category Romance

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Behind the Film Stars Smile Review ¾ 7 He needs But she hadn't planned on running into award winning actor Luke McKenzie on her very first dayand she certainly hadn't expected the earth shattering kiss. The second half of the book just didn t tie it upI actually really enjoyed the first half of this book I thought the drama the obstacles the hero and heroine had to overcome were different not the ordinary usual Hollywood trope romance dramas It was refreshing I also liked that although there were exes in the picture they didn t come back to play a huge part in the story However that being said the end of the book was seriously rushed there were issues that weren t resolved to my liking and there was no epilogueif a story ever needed an epilogue this was one of them It s doing a disservice to Jess and Luke that they didn t get and epilogueperhaps one that saw Jess Luke THEIR BABY and Baloo on set of his newest big blockbuster And frankly giving Luke s ex a way out and not calling her out for the horrible person she iswas is somehow trivializing IMO the suffering Luke has to deal with as a man dealing with his demon Men and women go through it and to just let Fleur go off with good press after everything she did seems to cast a light on Luke that as a man he doesn t get to feel awful about the situation I was NOT pleased with the handling of that backstory I wish these things had been crafted better and concluded thoroughly because I truly loved the characters of Jess Luke and sweet Baloo

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Behind the Film Stars Smile Review ¾ 7 When the camera stops rolling Former police officer Jess Greenacre is hoping to bury her past and becoming a runner on a London film set is the change in scenery s. The best thing about this book is the male infertility plotline because way too often that s something female characters bear Not a bad random pickup