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SUMMARY ↠ Snapshots from the Wedding (Paperstar Book) Being a flower girl has never been so excitingMeet Maya Isabel's flower girl as she describes in vivid detail the exciting wedding day Maya introduces us to Danny the ring bearer; Aunt Marta cryin Maya the little flower girl in the wedding describes what she sees in vivid details and captures the excitement of a wedding day Maya shares her very observant tale of the event through a child s point of view as she focuses not on the wedding as much as the distractions that surround it the groom s broken arm olives that are put on her fingers and trying to catch the rice in her mouth as bride and groom leave the churchWhat really makes this story stand out are the illustrations Stephanie Garcia uses not photographs or drawings but clay figures and dioramas to help tell the story The text and pictures work very well together The text often cleverly prompts the reader to look at something in the illustration The illustration of Maya trying to catch rice is hilariousOn a multicultural aspect there was nothing in this story that stood out as being a good representation of Mexican culture This story really focused on the experience of the Mayra It is important that we can use multicultural literature in our classroom and focus on it just being a uality piece of literature This is a fun story that is best enjoyed when read slowly to really spend time with text and illustrations alike

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SUMMARY ↠ Snapshots from the Wedding (Paperstar Book) G big tears; Uncle Trino jump starting a car in his tuxedo; and Rafael the groom with a cast on his arm Of course the big day also includes games dancing cake and a mariachi band that plays long i Literature Reuirement 1998 Belpre illustrator AwardWhat an incredibly uniue book This is definitely deserving of the Belpre award for illustrations simply based on the approach this book used The illustrations are 3D created in what seems to be a box on each page Some scenes are gold framed while others are simply contained within the outside perimeter of the box The amount of detail used in the scenes is amazing and I m very impressed with the level of creativity jam packed into this 32 page book The story is told through picture captions essentially It s very brief but there is a lot to understand about the wedding even with the limited perspective The flower girl is our narrator and she had some silly touches to add to the story for example during the reception she puts olives on her fingers wiggles them around and then eats them The writing is very child like but that does not detract from anything If anything it contributes to the story becomes readable by younger children The language is not too complicated though there is some Spanish There is no translation offered so a child who does not know Spanish might struggle with a couple pages in the book It s not too much of a deterrent in the end but it might cause some curiosity to emerge

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SUMMARY ↠ Snapshots from the Wedding (Paperstar Book) Nto an evening no one will ever forget Snapshots from the Wedding captures the uniue moments of a special occasion the big scenes as well as the little ones that together form a rich family mosaic This books tells us the story of a Mexican wedding ceremony through the eyes of the flower girl Maya Maya is a very observant flower girl and takes us on a journey of all the events that took place in this wedding She talked about how the alter boy had dirty shows under his robe the mariachi band how the groom broke his arm and how she put pitted black olives on her fingers Maya gave us a kids perspective of the wedding the things that she saw that would stood out to a young girl Maya ends her night by falling asleep after the dance and what a fun day she seemed to have Her voice throughout the story is powerful as she makes you feel like you are right there with her The illustrations are very uniue and uickly catches your attention as they are pictures of clay figures I would use this book in my class to to incorporate new Spanish words into our class vocabulary and I would also use it to teach my students how to write using descriptive language like when Maya says soft as doves or white as chichets

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