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Her Man in Manhattan Brannigan #3

read Her Man in Manhattan Brannigan #3 read Î eBook or Kindle ePUB È Trish Wylie Trish Wylie È 3 characters Arling really be willing to give up her newfound taste for freedom no matter how gorgeous Tyler Brannigan isRumor has it Brannigan hates playing by the rules and has used up all his strikes with the NYPD vice. Slick s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews35 StarsI m enjoyed the expanding Kiss line from Harleuin they are basically romance with some really great foreplay thrown in that makes them interesting Her Man In Manhattan by Trish Wylie is the story of Miranda the mayor s daughter and her bodyguard NYPD detective Tyler While I have some issues with this book I love the premise of this book the characters were interesting and the sexual tension was so hot that I m pretty sure New York would suffer a heat wave in winter if these two weren t fictional I have no doubt anyone who loves a good sexually charged romance will enjoy this book greatlyMiranda has lived her life the daughter of a politician With the exception of her year s in college she s played the dutiful daughter to her fullest She s made a few missteps recently so her security detail has been changed She never expects to see the man who recently pulled her out of a nightclub drug raid to be her newest bodyguardTyler is a third generation New York City cop he is so not impressed with his latest assignment to babysit the mayor s daughter He certainly doesn t need the added complication of finding her attractive her flirting and their undeniable sexual chemistry He needs to keep her safe keep her out of the papers and get his head back together after his recent bust gone wrongI ll admit upfront that the heroine Miranda drove me a little nuts in this book She wants to be treated as a serious adult yet she is continually exhibiting bratty behavior Honestly I understand her frustrations with living her life in a bubble but instead of flat out coming clean with her parents about her feelings which would have been the mature thing to do she constantly took it out on her security detail getting many of them fired and replaced She did however grow on me mainly because once she explains her life and passions to Tyler we see a whole different side to her Tyler on the other hand is a fantastic character Oh he s by no means perfect in fact he s uite flawed but you can t help but love him He s without a doubt stubborn as hell at times insensitive and likes to pretend he doesn t need anyone but secretly we know he adores his intrusive family he s loyal to a fault and he lives to serve It really is hard not to adore this guy I wasn t too sure about their paring at first despite their amazing chemistry but it became obvious uite uickly that these two needed each other almost as much as they needed oxygenI love how Miranda is determined to seduce Tyler and he is determined to stay far far away It was fun watching Tyler lose control so damn hot and how easily he falls While their burgeoning relationship is the main focus of this story there is a lot going on including the campaign for re election an ongoing drug investigation and some past baggage both personally and professionally for Tyler and Miranda s pledge to move on with her life following the campaignNow for the big issue I had with this story I adore British writers I read a lot of them and enjoy their work however when a book is set in the United States with American characters I have an issue with the book being written with British spelling of words throughout the book It s very distracting because this isn t taking place in England and none of the characters are British so we pull away from curb not a kerb we color not colour our tires not tyres screech we have favorite not favourite people and those are just a FEW of the instances throughout the book Like I said extremely hard to put aside when you know you are reading a book that takes place in New York City with characters who are no way near British This really took away from the enjoyment of the book which is sad Maybe for some people it might not be an issue but for me it made a big difference in my feelings towards the bookAll in all I liked Her Man In Manhattan and even with my issue with this book I will look for other works published by this author If you enjoy a good romance with lots of tension this is one you don t want to missReview copy provided for an honest review

read Her Man in Manhattan Brannigan #3

read Her Man in Manhattan Brannigan #3 read Î eBook or Kindle ePUB È Trish Wylie Trish Wylie È 3 characters Suad So now this cop's paying his dues with a temporary assignment as babysitter If anyone can keep this Manhattan princess in check surely it's this tough guy detective Hopefully handcuffs won't be necessar. Was disappointed with how it wrapped up It also moved too fast I think it would have benefited from a few paragraphs of the next week passed much the same or whatever to make it so it wasn t such a whirlwind but didn t lengthen the book too much

read Î eBook or Kindle ePUB È Trish Wylie

read Her Man in Manhattan Brannigan #3 read Î eBook or Kindle ePUB È Trish Wylie Trish Wylie È 3 characters Up close and personal with her bodyguardIt seems mayor's daughter Miranda Kravitz has scored herself a new and very dreamy bodyguard Apparently the fireworks between them are scorching but will this tabloid d. So this review is long over due and i offer my apologies to anyone that has been waiting for itThis book is from the Harleuin kiss line by Trish Wylie Her man in ManhattanI think the best place to start with this review would be to mention how deceiving this book is i think it s because of the size when you first hold it in your hands It doesn t seem that big but i assure you once you start reading the story becomes satisfyingly long It is written so well that you get through pages and then chapters without truly realizing itIt s one of those reads that suck you in and holds your attention and in all honesty i never got bored or frustrated with it or the development between the two main charactersTyler is the kind of man that gets under your skin At first he id very dark and mysterious in a powerful and dangerous kind of way that makes the hairs on your arms stand on end I found myself rooting for the heroine to get in trouble just to see him throw her over his shoulder and carry her awayYou can really sympathize with the heroine and what she is going trough because at first it is easy to think mayors daughter she must be pompous but she is anything but Se is prisoner within the binds of a lifestyle her family created and by a promise she made to her brother but her soul longs to be free and eventually when they get passed the sizzling sexual tension Tyler is just the man to provide her with the safe comfortable haven she had desired for most of her lifeThe author has such a beautiful natural fluid writing style and i highly recommend this book if you enjoy a good getaway from reality with charming relate able characters The whole story is almost too good to be true and too believable for these characters not to exist somewhere in this worldMy only upset and this books only let down is the lack of sex I really wanted to see these two get jiggy and it has such a powerful build up tat when you don t get it it makes you want to send the author hate mailWHICH I did and i was assured that it was anything but her fault no dirty action is entirely down to the stipulations set by harleuin for this lineSo if like me you are left frustrated at the end direct all hate mail to HarleuinThank you so much for reading this and thank you Trish for producing such a wonderful book i am highly hooked

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