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Read & Download Mischief and Marriage Mischief and Marriage review ↠ 108 Ley Harcourt's mind when she met HarryBut William Ashley's enterprising young son had other ideas He saw Harry and decided he'd make a perfect fathe. A fun uirky read Others have done excellent reviews so I ll just leave it that I enjoyed thisHowever there were a couple of things that bothered me view spoiler The fact that Harry lied to Ashley was kind of glossed over but I guess her love forgave that and the ghost at the end was a little odd as was the Jekyll Hyde reference hide spoiler

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Mischief and Marriage

Read & Download Mischief and Marriage Mischief and Marriage review ↠ 108 R To his surprise Harry found he liked the idea of an instant family But he'd need than young William's help to persuade Ashley to trust in love aga. Hmm I can t understand why I didn t like it that much I think maybe it didn t go all out and was just fringing on this side of safe Plus the hero was gallant and protective but I didn t get to see much of his funny side although I m sure it must have existedOh well

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Read & Download Mischief and Marriage Mischief and Marriage review ↠ 108 When Ashley met Harry Mischief was what Harry Clifton intended when he traveled to Australia in search of an heir Marriage was the last thing on Ash. Re Mischief and Marriage Emma Darcy does one of her different books In this one the billionaire landed English gentry H impersonates a butler to woo and win the mother of his potential heirThe book starts with the H s long time family hereditary butler telling the H that he needs an heir to ensure that the butler s family s tenure on the H s estate remains intact There is a long backstory about the H s family being fighting daredevils and the butler s family being long time loyal family retainers since the 16th centuryThe H has been despondent and rather reckless with his physical safety for the last three years ever since his beloved fiancee died from leukemia after a protracted struggle The H s butler despairs over finding a way to perk the H up and get him participating in life again until he comes up with the idear to have the last remaining potential heir who lives in Australia come to England and learn about his future heritageThe H decides that he would rather go check out Australia himself a little jaunt might be just what he needs to relieve his sadness and help fill the hole in his heart So he decides to take himself off to the other side of the world as soon as he gets the cast off his leg In the meantime we learn a little about the other side of the H s illustrious landed family It turns out one of the H s earlier ancestors had a fling with a Duke s wife and got banished to Australia That side of the family soon multiplied as families do until eventually the early 20th century flu epidemic narrowed the Australian side down to a young nine year old boy named WilliamWilliam s mum is widowed it seems she did not enjoy a happy marriage with the H s distant relative William s dad She was in the process of divorcing the bullying tyrant and fighting for custody of William when the bully s determination to impose his will on all things caused him to drive over a flooded bridge despite the flood warning danger It seems the bully and his eually bullish mother were not impervious to Mother Nature the raging river took no notice of their determination and swept them a way to a watery end This relieved the h William s mum very much Cause rather than a big battle she just needed a way to earn a livingSo the h started a staffing service and when the H arrives one of her clients is getting rather pushy he is very threatening and rude over not getting his way When the h s confrontation with him turns ugly the H steps in and claims he is the h s butler Soon the slime slurper former client is swiftly on his wayThe H manages to work his way into the h s home under guise of being the landed gentry s family butler sent to investigate the possibility of bringing William over to England as the new potential heir Since the lurve force mojo vibes are immediately felt by both the H and the h the h isn t at all unwilling to give the H a bed in the extra bedroom William is excited to have the H there too He soon proves that he is definitely part of the H s side of the family with his enterprising entrepreneurial outing of selling Polaroid pictures to his friends of them sitting in the H s Rolls Royce and charging them ten dollars for the experience of a lifetime The H admires William s very lively little schemes and soon has won him completely over The H wins the h over when one of William s friend s very witchy busybody mother calls and tries to berate the h for letting William charge his friends for the picturesThen the woman tries to patronize the h and tries co opt the H for her exclusive party that she did NOT invite the h too We learn that there is a Butler Code of Ethics and that Butlers Can t Be Loaned to Busybody Society Snobs Who Are Mean To the h So the snot snarker busybody invites the h to her party if she will come in the Rolls Royce and park it in the drivewayThe h agrees and while we are waiting for the big party to arrive the H and h share their backstories and get much closer They both really like each other and William is uite keen to go to England and see the ancient manor after the H tells him it is full of ghostsThe H and h and William uickly form a nice family unit and the H realizes that he is in love with the h The h is feeling the love right back but neither one of them says anything to the other not even when the lurve force mojo leads to a purple passion explosion moment in the h s officeThe day of the big party arrives and the H who has gotten the h to agree to visit England with William using some really subtle manipulation proposes marriage to the h as he parks the Rolls at the door of the partyThe h now has something to contemplate while her friends have some amusing interactions then William shows up chasing the snot snarfer busybody s son through the house It seems the eually snotty son said derogatory things about William s mum so William punched him and knocked his tooth outThe snot snarfer busybody woman is having a conniption and the nasty former client from the beginning of the book drops the bomb that the H is a billionaire and not really the butler The h doesn t care tho cause the H strolls in and makes all the nasty people in the room back off He also publicly humiliates the snot snarfer busybody woman and when she vows revenge against the h and William the h announces that she is going to England and the H proposed marriage to her so the busybody better have a very long reachThen we are all off to England and the h starts fretting that she might be preggers She also starts fretting that she loves the H but he might still be in love with his dead fiance and not able to love her back William settles in rapidly and is soon chasing ghosts with the real butler all over the mannerIn an extremely unusual but very poignant scene considering ED was a very recent widow in real life when this book was written ED writes out a scene with the living h talking to the ghost of the dead fiancee The dead fiancee is very adamant that the H needs to start living again and that there is nothing but love in her heart for the H and h moving on together The ghost is definitely on the John Lennon spiritual party line as she insists that All you need is love and she is sharing the love too She also tells the gobsmacked h that she is preggers and recommends a very nice local village obstetrician named Dr Jekyll who lives in Hyde house Then the fiancee ghost is followed by the h as the ghost goes off to find the H and have a final but very loving farewellThe H and h then declare their love to each other They promise to tenderly care for each other and William and the extended butlering family for the rest of their days We get a little epilogue where William is being enterprising the family butler is delighted his scheming worked and the H and h have a newborn set of twins for a big ED Rosy Glow Kitten Rainbow HEAThis one was a very sweet ED She dedicated the book to her husband Frank whom she lived all the great romances with The ghost at the end was a big surprise but the message she carried was a sincerely written and very heartfelt personal note to a lost loved one and I was totally feelin the love that ED put in to it Give this one a go if you run into it It is a very touching farewell and very nice HPlandia outing