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  • 16 July 2019
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Wild Man Creek Summary º 106 Robyn Carr î 6 Read Free read Ý PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB î Robyn Carr Colin Riordan came to Virgin River to recuperate from a horrific helicopter crash the scars of which he bears inside and out His family is wonderfully supportive but it's his art that truly soothes his troubled soul. This was not my favorite Maybe because I thought that the romance between the two leads Jillian Matlock and Colin Riordan was a foregone conclusion so reading about how Jillian was being so strong and whatever made me roll my eyes Or maybe I just read too many of these books back to back and it put me in a mood Hard to know I love romance novels Absolutely adore them But I think I can pinpoint that right around this book or the next I started to see a slide in the series and I was pretty disappointed with the next couple of ones and then the last book in the seriesThere is honestly not much to say here except I thought the whole thing that brings Jillian to Virgin River was dancing towards absurd and her new chosen profession decides she will start to do an organic farm came out of nowhere and did not fit her at all Jillian is a Vice President for Corporate Communications for a software manufacturer and due to a workplace harassment issue is cautioned to take some time off while her bossmentor deals with it Yeah Like that would really happen I bring up Jillian s job though because I had a hard time reconciling what she does with her later decision to start an organic farmI also think that Carr honestly rushed the resolution to Jillian s backstory and I pretty much rolled my eyes at the guy who shows up and acts like an ass by the way since how did he get there why would he be stupid to do so based on everything that went before etc I think it was just a way to have Colin punch the guy or something I don t know It just didn t work with the story that I think Carr wanted to tellAlso I really have a hard time believing that in a matter of weeks that Jillian can just have an organic farm up and running Apparently Virgin River has magic soil And I really didn t get why Jack Sheridan who is renting the house to Jillian is okay with her gardening as much as she is in a house she doesn t own Hey I have rented homes before you can of course ask the homeowner about certain things but I have never lived in one place that was all yes of course you can grow whatever you want and totally change the groundsColin and his family drove me batty Maybe because Luke Riordan decides he will be the twin of Jack Sheridan and stick his nose in where it s not wanted or needed I was also really tired of the women coming along to have sensible talks with these idiots It gets old after a while and I know that I was 100 percent sick of itUnlike in previous books I don t think that Carr had much knowledge about paintinggardening Colin starts painting and apparently is such a great painterphotographer that he can sell his works for thousands of dollars Jillian is somehow going to turn her farm into a million dollar enterprise though she and only one other person works the grounds I can t even recall how many acres Jillian has but I maybe muttered BS a few times while reading thisWe have a reappearance of Jillian s sister who will be in the next book and of course other characters we have become familiar with I totally booed the entire story line with Jack Sheridan and Denny Cutler It made absolutely no sense and then towards the end we have Denny throwing out a line about something that made me go wait a minute what I think it was an editing error that no one caught but it bugged me endlesslyThe ending was too much and I really hated the whole woman who is grieving because she told her man to go off and do what he needed to be happy I was just really over both of them The romance was so so and I was happy that the book finally ended

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Wild Man Creek

Wild Man Creek Summary º 106 Robyn Carr î 6 Read Free read Ý PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB î Robyn Carr Orate brand Both are looking to simplify not complicate their lives but when Jillian finds Colin at his easel in her yard there's an instant connection And in Virgin River sometimes love is the simplest choice of all. I really uite enjoyed this book I have to pick and choose Virgin River books carefully I don t read them all I m not going to lie sometimes her heroines fall way short are really uite bitchy They are either really lovely or really not lovely I m also not going to lie I really really don t like Mel Why on earth would Jack the perfect guy fall for such a cow She had about two tiny little bits of dialogue in this book and she managed to say something bitchy both times After that little mini rant I really liked this heroine Jilly a lot The hero Colin was a pretty good guy too although was a bit slow on the uptake took the whole book to finally get there idiot But it is a sweet romance

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Wild Man Creek Summary º 106 Robyn Carr î 6 Read Free read Ý PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB î Robyn Carr Stung personally and professionally by an ill advised affair PR guru Jillian Matlock has rented an old Victorian with a promising garden in Virgin RiverShe's looking forward to cultivating something other than a corp. A another great addition to this series These characters have become family to me I love being part of each new romance as it develops visiting with series characters in each book Realistic plotlines low angst romance with a little sizzle lots of emotion awesome setting all add up to great romance